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Toucher & Rich: Mike 'Behind The Mic' Callahan's "Win It Bruins Style"

Sometimes there are listeners that like to help out Toucher and Rich with some original content. One such listener is Mike "Behind The Mic" Callahan.

Every so often Mike will send in a parody song that he wrote. He tackles news and sports stories alike with his sharp wit and unparalleled lyricism.

After the Bruins beat the Maple Leaf in Game 7 of their first round match-up, Mike "Behind The Mic" sent in a great playoff song.

Well Callahan's at it again, sending a brand new Bruins pump-up song to the tune of Psy's "Gangnam Style." Callahan's version is called "Win It -- Bruins Style" and, of course, it's another instant hit!

Toucher & Rich: Mike Behind The Mic

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