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Toucher & Rich: Jon Bon Jovi One Step Closer To Owning Buffalo Bills

BOSTON (CBS) - 98.5 The Sports Hub's Fred Toucher and Rich Shertenlieb have joked about it in the past,  but it looks like it could really be happening.

That is, Jon Bon Jovi owning the Buffalo Bills.

Jovi, along with a group of Toronto-based investors, appear to be the frontrunner to purchase the team and have made it clear they would keep the franchise in Buffalo.

Picture this scenario: you're very successful at what you do and work for a very good company but you've achieved everything you could possibly achieve. You're getting up there in age and are ready for a new challenge. One of your best friends purchases a competing company and offers you the chance to earn the same, if not more money with a better position and title.

What would you do? Stay where you're at, or go work for your friend?

Enter Bill Belichick and Bon Jovi:

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick (L) and Jon Bon Jovi. (Getty Images)

Fred and Rich think all the stars are aligning for a Jovi-Belichick union in Western New York.

"Bon Jovi wrote a song for Bill Belichick," said Fred. "I'm telling you this is going to happen."

"Yeah and the Bills are going to change their logo to just Bill Belichick's head," Rich added. "The Bills. It's everything he's ever wanted. It's perfect for Bill Belichick."

It's an interesting theory. Listen below to hear the whole thing:

Jon Bon Jovi Next Bills Owner?


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