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Toucher & Rich: Is It Jonny Gomes Or An 80's Wrestler?

BOSTON (CBS) - Whether on air or in print, major league outfielder Jonny Gomes has said some pretty crazy things in the past. But when you read the quotes on paper, you can't tell if it's him speaking or a pro wrestler from the 1980's.

So on Tuesday, 98.5 The Sports Hub's Toucher & Rich came back with an old favorite: Is It Jonny Gomes Or An 80's Wrestler?

Rich reads a quote, and it's up to Fred and Wallach to decide if Jonny Gomes or a wrestler from the 1980's said it.

It's not easy.

Here are the quotes:

"I live and die and breathe each day of my life for this business."

"You can't get any more American than that. If that doesn't scream patriotic I don't know what does."

"They always tell me to relax out there, and I'm like, 'They don't get it. The time is now.'"

"I will stop at nothing in this world. I've paid my dues with blood, sweat and guts."

"My defensive ability is just one of my tools. That doesn't get showcased very often."

"It's all on the line. What's gonna happen? It's like a movie."

"All my tattoos are pretty much awesome. Boom, boom, forearm piece. Visible tats all over."

Listen below and play along!


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