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Toucher & Rich: 'Geddy' Bruschi Performing Hits Of Rush

The New England Patriots inducted Tedy Bruschi and the legendary Gil Santos — who for 36 years served as the radio "voice of the New England Patriots" — into the Patriots Hall of Fame on Monday afternoon.

A few years ago Bruschi stopped by the station to record some commercials and Toucher & Rich had an idea for a game involving the then Patriots linebacker. T&R figured that there was no way that Bruschi would play along with the idea, but surprisingly he did.

The guys stepped into the studio and had the player read lyrics from Rush songs-transforming into Geddy Bruschi. Get it? Rush's lead singer is Geddy Lee, so Tedy Bruschi reading Rush lyrics becomes Geddy Bruschi.

Your job here is to guess the name of the song that Geddy Bruschi is "singing."

Geddy Bruschi Performing Hits Of Rush

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