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Toucher & Rich Explore How The Patriots Are Winning Coin Flips At 'Impossible' Rate

BOSTON (CBS) -- The Patriots have won 19 of their last 25 coin tosses. This has caught the nation's attention.

"For Bill Belichick, Patriots' strategy is no flip of the coin," reads the Boston Globe headline.

"Lucky or good? Patriots winning coin tosses at nearly impossible rate," said Yahoo.

"Patriots have no need for probability, win coin flip at impossible clip," CBSSports said.

Obviously because this is the Patriots, a simple explanation like "that is the potential nature of a 50-50 probability" just doesn't cut it. That's because, according to CBS Sports, the probability of winning it at least 19 out of 25 times is 0.0073 -- less than three-quarters of one percent!

Clearly, something more must be going on behind the scenes (Ernie Adams, anyone???), and Toucher & Rich weren't afraid to throw out some possibilities.

"Maybe [Robert] Kraft smooches the coin beforehand, and then it's weighted on one side," Fred Toucher said.

"What you don't know" Rich Shertenlieb said, "is that right next to Ernie Adams is Criss Angel, the mind freak. And what he does, they have an in-house magician. It's Doug Henning. Maybe Ernie Adams is actually Doug Henning, and he's just older now."

"That's why it says pink stripes. It's a distraction," Rich said.

"His ultimate illusion," Fred said, "was becoming Ernie Adams."

Case. Closed.

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