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Toucher & Rich: CSNNE's Trenni Kusnierek Talks Olympic Conditions In Sochi

BOSTON (CBS) - Anyone paying attention the past few days has seen tweets from various sports reporters documenting the ridiculousness in Sochi, Russia right now for the Winter Olympics.

Yellowish, rust color drinking water.

Hit squads to kill stray dogs.

Bathroom signs instructing you not to flush toilet paper down the toilet.

No locks on any of the hotel room doors.

Hotel lobbies still unfinished.

Luckily for Trenni Kusnierek of Comcast SportsNet New England she's staying in the warm graces of the NBC hotel, but we got a glimpse of what the rest of the Olympic village is like Wednesday morning on Toucher and Rich.

Everybody is on edge for the possibility of a terrorist attack, and something that took place last night gave everyone a good scare.

"This is interesting. They set off fireworks last night as we were sitting in the hotel area, I'm not kidding, the place went dead silent for a second because obviously there was an explosion," Trenni told T&R. "We realized it was fireworks, but you could tell people were just like 'What just happened?' because there wasn't any warning of them."

Listen below to hear the rest of her experience:

Trenni Talks Olympics



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