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Toucher & Rich: CBS Sports' Will Brinson From Super Bowl Media Day

BOSTON (CBS) - Senior CBS Sports NFL writer Will Brinson is live from Super Bowl Media Day at the Prudential Center, so Toucher & Rich had him on Tuesday morning to discuss some of the bigger topics surrounding the big game on Sunday.

Commissioner Roger Goodell is about to go "Beastmode"on running back Marshawn Lynch's bank account. The Seattle Seahawks star is reportedly refusing to talk on Media Day, which will draw a $100,000 fine from the NFL.

Brinson says the punishment does not fit the crime. In fact, the punishment doesn't even fit past punishments for the same crime.

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"It's interesting because two years ago Osi Umenyiora, who was with the Giants, missed Media Day. He claimed it was a scheduling issue, but he was fined $20,000 for missing that. Marshawn is currently appealing a $50k fine for not talking to the media all year, so one would assume if he skips Media Day he loses that appeal automatically."

Toucher and Rich know a thing or two about messing around at Media Day, but Brinson said it was too early in the morning for those types of shenanigans and "the real freakshow" will get underway soon.

Everyone's talking about the forecast for Sunday. After all, it is the first cold weather, outdoor Super Bowl in league history.

It looks like for now anyway that the NFL dodged a bullet.

"It's really tracking like we're going to have a nice day. There is a contingency plan, but I have to believe that given all the things that go into planning this event that the only way they're utilizing the contingency plan is if it's literally a physical danger for people to be out here," Brinson told Toucher & Rich.

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If it does go off without a hitch, look for other cold weather climates like Chicago to bid for future Super Bowls according to Will Brinson.

Also making news is Seattle head coach Pete Carroll referring to the game as the New York Super Bowl. The remark angered one New Jersey politician (because MetLife Stadium is in fact in East Rutherford), and Brinson joked that "they should maybe consider getting over it."

All ancillary storylines aside, the game itself will come down to the #1 ranked offense against the #1 ranked defense.

Brinson thinks the extra week of preparation will pay huge dividends for Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, because the Seattle defense is not all that exotic and he'll be able to figure them out.

Listen below for the full discussion:

Will Brinson From Super Bowl Media Day


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