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Toucher & Rich: Brian Scalabrine On The NBA Labor Dispute

Brian Scalabrine, former Celtic and current free agent, joined Toucher & Rich in studio to talk about covering the WNBA team in Connecticut, the NBA labor dispute and the possibility that there will be a lockout.

As this NBA labor dispute goes on the possibility/probability that there will be a lockout grows. Is it seeming more or less likely that Scalabrine will move to play in Europe?

"More likely, more likely. I have two years to play left in my career, maybe three at the most. I don't want to sit around and wait for two people to complain and decide what they want to do with, we're talking millions and millions of dollars. I want to play basketball, I like playing basketball and i like being out there," Scalabrine said.

The guys also discussed the overseas offers in general and the commitment that they are looking for from players to go over there. Does he think that a decent amount of NBA players will go over there if this lockout looks like it will take a long time to settle?

How does Scalabrine feel about the labor dispute and if there is a lockout does he think it will last a period of time? They also talked about the owners overspending.

"If there's rules to spend money for players, if there's rules for teams to go over the cap then they're going to go over the cap. Do you guys remember last summer, it was so ridiculous the amount of money that was being thrown around. So everyone that was throwing around that money was crying poverty, but they're saying listen if i don't spend that money then my fans are not going to come out to play. So this is what they feel they have to do to get fans into the seats," were Scal's thoughts of the owners over spending.

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