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Toucher & Rich: Adolfo Does Play-By-Play For The NHL And Kentucky Derby

BOSTON (CBS) - People have this common misconception about doing play-by-play announcing for sports. They think that it's easy.

They say, "How hard can it be? All you do is watch the game and just say what's happening!"

Everyone thinks it's easy, that is, until they try it themselves.

Adolfo of 98.5 The Sports Hub's Toucher & Rich show thinks he is a budding superstar in the broadcasting world, so to prove his worth he called select games for the second round of the NHL playoffs.

How'd he fare? Not great. At times you couldn't even tell which series it was.

Maybe hockey just isn't his sport, so to really show what he's got he decided to try horse racing at the Kentucky Derby.

It went just as you'd expect it would.

Listen below to hear Adolfo do play-by-play!

Adolfo Does Play-By-Play


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