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Toucher: 'No Way' Bruins Win The Stanley Cup

BOSTON (CBS) - Coming off a humiliating Game 6 loss to the Canadiens, 98.5 The Sports Hub's Fred Toucher has lost fall faith in the Bruins and their chances to win it all.

Whether it be a visceral, knee-jerk reaction to a tough loss, or sound, thoughtful analysis, Toucher thinks the B's have been far too inconsistent this series to go on to be the eventual world champions.

On Tuesday morning in the 6am hour Fred, alongside Rich and Jon Wallach, aired all of their frustrations with this Boston Bruins team.

Fred: "I don't know what it takes to get through their heads that they have to get pucks on net -- from any angle. Just do it!"

Rich: "And no one is there for the rebound when they do get one on net."

Fred: "There's no traffic in front of the net. There's these big rebounds and there's nobody there to clean it up. The Bruins go through games where they try to be so fine and try to thread the puck through small openings. How many times last night did they try to make an extra pass through traffic? That never works."

Wallach: "No movement at all in the offensive end. A lot of people standing around."

Fred: "If you get the puck on your stick and you're in a position, before a defenseman can get into position to block your shot RELEASE and hopefully there's someone in front of the net."


Wallach: "I don't think one game has to do with the other. I don't think that now that [Thomas] Vanek is back and [Max] Pacioretty has scored I don't think that carries over into Wednesday night."

After calling out Zdeno Chara for his inability to disrupt the breakaway goal by Max Pacioretty in the second period, Fred really let the Bruins have it.

Fred: "They stink! They're so inconsistent. There's no way they win a Stanley Cup this year. I'm not convinced they win tomorrow night. They are wildly inconsistent."

Wallach: "This team makes the Bruins look bad -- worse than any other team they play. If indeed they do win tomorrow night, and I think they will, you'll see a different team play against Pittsburgh or the Rangers."

Fred: "If they play the Rangers I'm not positive they're better than the Rangers, and I think they'll play the Rangers."

Wallach: "I still think the Bruins are the best team in hockey, but we said from the beginning that Montreal is a terrible matchup."

Fred: "I never at any point said, 'I guarantee they will not win the next game.' They've come back before and this series has been back and forth. They may go ahead and win tomorrow night, and I hope they do, but they are so maddeningly inconsistent."

Listen below for the full discussion:

Fred Says 'No Way' Bruins Win The Stanley Cup


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