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Exclusive Debate: Vermin Supreme And Love 22 Clash On Toucher & Rich's Super Tuesday

Toucher & Rich held an exclusive debate live in the studio for Super Tuesday moderated by WBZ's Jon Keller, as presidential candidates Vermin Supreme and Love 22 joined the show to tackle the most important issues heading into 2016 and how they plan to make America better. Listen to the full two-part debate below.

In Part 1, the candidates present their opening arguments. Vermin Supreme believes all politicians, himself included, are in fact vermin - and he is simply the biggest vermin of them all. Love 22 has an extreme fascination with the number 22.

In Part 2, the candidates discuss hot-button issues like daily fantasy sports and what they would do about them, in addition to their principal policies that they would implement if elected, such as Vermin Supreme's pony-based economy.

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