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Toucher and Rich Recap 9/1/2010

Hour 1:

  • Rich is in a peeing contest via twitter with someone from WEEI while on maternity leave.
  • Wallach has strep throat and pink eye.
  • Fred had Dan Roche to depend on.
  • Fred gave tickets to WWE Raw to a listener, Adolfo was supposed to give the tickets to the front desk, but somehow managed to screw it up.
  • Leigh Bodden of the Patriots is injured and out for the season. The guys talk about him and Fred does Brandon Meriweather impressions.
  • Dan Roche is a pushover. He asked his wife to purchase the baseball package for cable, she said no, and he complied.
  • Male Bag- Is Minnesota and Brett Favre a contender? "Wipeout" and "Jersey Shore" were the two top rated shows last week. Other topics in the bag were John Wallach, Adolfo's knife incident, Meriweather and the end of the Red Sox.

Hour 2:

  • The Red Sox trade Manny Delmcarmen. Fred says the season is over, look to the future. The guys also talk about Victor Martinez and David Ortiz.
  • Tony Massarotti speaks with Pedro Martinez  about the Roger Clemens trial, his accomplishments and how he doesn't want to ever pull a Brett Favre when it comes to retirement. He also asserts that Boston is still a desirable place to play baseball.
  • Brandon Spikes was recorded on Chat Roulette receiving sexual favors from a woman.

Hour 3:

  • If Adolfo had a sex tape...
  • Bob Beers calls in to talk about Marc Savard and how he doesn't think he will be traded. Tyler Seguin is also mentioned.
  • Fred had a sex tape too. But he was so disgusted with it, he taped over it, only to find out that a few seconds of his ass was still on there, much to his embarrassment. He relates this to the Spikes video.
  • Fantasy football time- Dave Richard only kind of helped Fred with his draft.

Hour 4:

  • Bert Breer calls in to talk "Jersey Shore" and Patriots.
  • Leigh Bodden is injured and out for the season. Fred and Dan talk about this, along with the Patriots, Belichick and Brady.
  • You Listened, Now Discuss- Meriweather and more.
  • Crossover- Pink eye, Fonzie and fried chicken. Oh, and despite Rich and Wallach not being in, the show wasn't bad!
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