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Toucher and Rich Recap: 7/08/2010

Hour 1:

  • The guys talk about Lebron, where he might be going and his special on ESPN. They speculate whether there would be backlash if he was not donating money to charity.
  • Male Bag

Hour 2:

  • More Lebron talk concerning Cleveland and family.
  • The Red Sox dugout looks like an elderly home parking lot with the crutches everywhere.
  • Game- Red Sox Player or 80s movie athlete?
  • More Lebron talk with a Sports Center interview clip with ESPN's Chris Broussard. "Multiple sources have told me that the plan right now is for Lebron James to join Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh and go to Miami. ..there's time for him to change his mind. There are a lot of people who don't want him to go to the Heat and Stay in Cleveland... But the plan is for Lebron James to go to the Heat. " He also said that the Knicks and the Bulls are "bringing up the rear."  Basically, he is just throwing a dart at a bunch of teams.
  • If Lebron goes to Miami, how will he coexist with Wade? They are both egomaniacs who will fight for the last shot.
  • Celtics look the same.
  • Why are the Bulls being dismissed? They have a good set up for Lebron.
  • Are ESPN and Lebron throwing things out there  to create hype?
  • The guys conclude that Lebron must be staying in Cleveland, or he'll be the world's biggest A-Hole and piss everyone off.

Hour 3:

  • Asherod Blakely of CSNNE talks free agency and how the Caveliers take care of Lebron's mom, who is apparently less mature than Lebron.
  • The ESPN bashing continues as Fred reads excerpts of Rick Riley's columns from this year and last year about Lance Armstrong. There's a whole lot of talk about Lance being naked and his rump.
  • T&R play clips from the show "Locked Up." Featured is a prisoner in Kentucky who loves the male booty. In his prime, not even the guards were safe from his advances. New prisoners have something to worry about too...people actin' like a fool with their pants on the ground are sexy.
  • Callers chime in about a Youtube video of Roy Slagle, who got maced after needing seven guards to apprehend him, and a "Locked Up" parody on the show "Boondocks."

Hour 4:

  • Matt Kalman talks about Bruins rookie camp and how Tyler Seguin stood out. Kalman believes Blake Wheeler will be resigned. Marc Savard is 50/50.
  • Lebron, blah, blah, blah.
  • While Lebron may have an hour- long segment on ESPN announcing his decision, Brian Scalabrini, Adolfo and Wallach have decisions of their own to discuss.
  • You Listened, Now Discuss


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