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Tornado Touched Down In Clinton, National Weather Service Confirms

CLINTON (CBS) - The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado hit Clinton on Thursday afternoon. The agency will have a team in town Friday to survey the damage and determine the EF rating of the tornado to define how strong it was.

"We did see a funnel cloud with stuff going up - shingles or something. We really don't know because it was about 200 yards away," said David Trinque, who was at work in Clinton at the time. That's when his wife, Diane, called, frantic.

"It started pouring, and I as I'm running around shutting the windows. I looked out the front of the window, and I see this tree come down, so I was scared to death," said Diane Trinque. "I just saw this thing go down and heard it, and when I come out to look at it, I heard this big explosion."

Turns out, Trinque heard a tree smashing into a neighbor's car windshield, and in her own backyard, pieces of furniture and fence are scattered around.

"All of a sudden, all these things started flying everywhere," she said.

Clinton Tornado Damage
A tree down after a tornado hit Clinton on Thursday, August 19, 2021. (WBZ-TV)

Several streets away, Brenda Siegel's neighbor swears he saw a funnel sweep through.

"It was very black; all of a sudden, the rain started. It was pouring, and the wind just went crazy," Siegel said. "All of a sudden, all the tree branches just started flying."

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