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Tony Romo, Blake Shelton Crack DeflateGate Joke At Academy Of Country Music Awards

BOSTON (CBS) -- You never know where the next shot at the New England Patriots is going to come from.

These days, you can't read any football story on any sports website without reading a string of insults and cheating accusations from the comments sections. It just sort of comes with the territory.

Still, Patriots fans should be able to watch the Country Music Awards without hearing cheap shots taken at their favorite team. Alas, Blake Shelton and Tony Romo had different ideas.

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback took the stage while holding a football, and he ended up throwing a pass to Luke Bryan. The singer made the catch and proceeded to celebrate, at which point Shelton picked up the football with a curious face.

"Wait a minute. Give me that," Shelton said. "Just want to make sure this is legit. This isn't one of them deflated balls, is it?"

Romo responded: "Blake, we're the Dallas Cowboys. We have real balls."

Tony Romo's career playoff record as a starting quarterback is 2-4.

He has played the Patriots twice, and he has lost both games. The Patriots visit the Cowboys next season. This video might make an appearance in the Patriots' meeting rooms in the week leading up to that game.

Watch the video below:

Tom Brady and Tony Romo
Tom Brady and Tony Romo in 2011 (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
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