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Tom Brady Update: Family Reportedly Moved To Manhattan, Brookline Home Still Unsold

BOSTON (CBS) -- Like no Boston athlete before him, Tom Brady's every move is being tracked this offseason, as the region awaits to learn his football future.

That reporting thus far has included some mixed reporting on where the greatest quarterback of all time lays his head at night. A WEEI report said that Brady, Gisele Bundchen and the kids had moved into a new home in Greenwich, Connecticut. That report was refuted later that day by NBC Sports' Tom E. Curran, who said the family doesn't own a house in Connecticut. Brady and Gisele also posted social media videos from the Boston area that day.

The real estate reporting went quiet for a bit after that, but NFL Network's Mike Giardi provided an update on Tuesday.

Giardi reported that the Brady family is living in Manhattan currently, and that Gisele moved there with the children prior to the end of the Patriots' season. Giardi also added that the family's home in Brookline "remains unsold."

What this means in terms of Brady's football future is ... not clear. The Brady family has long owned an apartment in Manhattan, which is also where Brady's oldest son lives.

Brady is still heading toward free agency in mid-March, though the Patriots could sign him to a contract before that date. If the team opts to not sign Brady before March 18, then the quarterback would be free to sign with any team that wants him.

With news coming this week that the Chargers may be done with Philip Rivers, a spot in Los Angeles might have opened up. Drew Brees remains undecided on returning to play in 2020, which could open a door in New Orleans. The Titans with Mike Vrabel could be losing Ryan Tannehill and Marcus Mariota to free agency. Dallas has not yet signed Dak Prescott, and there could also be an opening in Tampa Bay. Other teams with young quarterbacks may be enticed to add Brady for two years, too.

As it stands now, nobody knows which helmet Brady will be wearing in 2020 -- likely even Brady himself. In the meantime, it seems like he'll be based out of New York.

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