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Tom Brady To Antonio Brown: 'Move In With Me Until You Get Settled'

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

FOXBORO (CBS) -- Tom Brady is all in on the Patriots' acquisition of Antonio Brown. As in, not 100 percent in, not 1,000 percent in, but one million percent in.

That's all the way in right there.

That's the message that was relayed by NBC play-by-play man Al Michaels on Sunday night, prior to kickoff between the Patriots and Steelers at Gillette Stadium.

Michaels said that Drew Rosenhaus shared that minutes after learning of the signing of the mercurial wide receiver, Brady offered up a spare bedroom to Brown as he gets himself situated in Massachusetts.

Here's how Michaels explained it:

"Kraft also told me that when he broke the news to Tom Brady [Saturday], Brady initially said, 'I'm 100 percent in.' Two minutes later, Tom came back, said to Kraft, 'I'm a thousand percent in.' Then he came back two minutes later and said, 'I'm a million percent in.'

"And finally I just talked to Drew Rosenhaus, who made the deal, who's Brown's agent, and Drew said that Brady told Brown, 'Come move in with me until you get settled in New England.' How happy is Tom?"

These stories are of course relayed secondhand, and that particular story comes from an agent, so you can't be sure how much of it to believe.

Nevertheless, the idea of Brady and Gisele welcoming in Brown (and all that comes with him) sounds like a reality show waiting to happen. Brown living with Brady could make for the sequel to "Step Brothers" that this world desperately needs. (And if Brown likes the house enough, he can buy the thing.)

Update: Brady said his doors are always open for teammates, but seems miffed that everyone knows about it now.

In any event, wherever Brown may lay his head at night, the message does appear to be clear that the 42-year-old quarterback in New England is happy to have arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL sharing a locker room for the foreseeable future.

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