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Tom Brady Offers Peek Into Personal Life In New Documentary, 'Tom Vs. Time'

BOSTON (CBS) -- You've seen Tom Brady in many ways over the years: throwing countless passes, hoisting a Lombardi Trophy over his head, rocking a tuxedo on the red carpet, hugging a baby goat, sporting a dog collar, battling imaginary candy aliens, doing the cha-cha in Brazil, and screaming weeee down a water slide, to name a few.

But Brady's personal life, away from the lights and cameras that accompany a world-famous athlete who also happens to be married to a world-famous supermodel, has been the one area that Brady has carefully kept secret. Until now.

Tom Brady is surrounded by cameras after winning Super Bowl XLIX. (Photo by Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images)

The New York Times reported on Tuesday that Brady will be the star of a new documentary series, titled "Tom vs. Time," which will debut this month on Facebook Watch.

According to the report, the documentary series shows Brady at home with his wife and children, in Montana with teammates Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola, on a tour of China with his son, and in his living room, where he combs through the quarterback's equivalent of a scrapbook for each season he's played in the NFL.

Brady told the Times that the origin for the documentary was based on his offseason training regimen, but the cameras ended up following him through his MVP season for the Patriots.

"We thought it would be fun to record what an off-season of training looks like for a 40-year-old athlete," Brady told the Times.

"Tom is not a sentimental guy, necessarily," filmmaker Gotham Chopra told the Times. "But I do think, as we talked, he was sort of discovering parts of himself. It's like therapy. It's the process of saying it and giving voice to it."

In the series, Brady discusses the highs and lows of playing football.

"It's effortless because it's so synonymous with my being," Brady said of his love for football. "In front of 70,000 people, I can be who I am. If I want to scream at somebody I can scream at somebody. I can be who I am in a very authentic way."

Brady also watched film from the Patriots' loss to the Giants in Super Bowl XLII, the night that ended his and the Patriots' quest for a perfect 19-0 season.

"You're becoming a failure in front of everybody else," Brady said while watching the game. "It's a talent show you did when you were a kid. And you're a failure."

In the trailer, which you can watch below, Brady says, "If you're gonna compete against me, you better be willing to give up your life. Because I'm giving up mine."

Brady also shares his mind-set that has him believing he'll be playing for years to come: "When I see myself out there, I feel like, 'Man, I still do this and I do it better than I've ever done. So why should I stop?'"

The release date has not yet been announced, and it's not even technically finished yet. (If the Patriots are to win the Super Bowl, that might make a fitting final chapter.) But given the unique access to a generally private celebrity, it's sure to draw viewers from all walks of life once it goes live.

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