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Brady's Dad Proud Of Son's Career Progress

BOSTON (CBS) -- Before he was the golden boy of New England, Tom Brady was a child of the Golden State. In San Mateo, he grew up a Niners fan, the team he'll face this weekend.

His dad, Tom Senior, has fond memories of that time.

"It was just awesome. It was just a happy time in our lives."

When Tom became a QB himself, at Junipero Serra High, his dad saw what an intense competitor his son was, and would grow up to be.

"He does bring a laser focus to every game."

When Brady did not win his battle over Deflategate, that did not sit well with his old man.

"Of course, I'm concerned. It was not only a set up, it was a sting operation."

Tom Senior can't believe all the negativity that was directed towards his kid. He thinks it's an awful part of our society today.

"Things are a little bit more toxic, people are less kind."

Perhaps nothing was more toxic than this past presidential election. While Tom Brady, Jr. expressed his support for President-elect Trump, he has "not" embraced calls to run for the nation's highest office himself.

"Yesterday, I saw the odds of him being President of the United states are 100-1 in 2020, better than Gary Johnson," Brady Senior said.

The only odds Tom cares about this weekend is the chances of the Pats beating the Niners on Sunday.

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