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Tom Brady Wonders If Roger Goodell Can Take Him Out To Dinner Sometime

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- Roger Goodell has been a very wealthy man for some time now, earning a reported $150 million over his first eight years as commissioner. And by signing a contract extension this week that could pay him up to $200 million over the next five years, he's going to remain very wealthy for a long time.

So wealthy, in fact, that even Tom Brady might hesitate to pick up the check if the two were dining together.

In a pregame radio interview with Jim Gary for Thursday night's game between the Saints and Falcons, Brady was asked for his reaction to Roger signing that lucrative deal.

"Well, that's a lot of money. Obviously NFL business is going well," Brady answered. "I'm sure, like you said, he can pick up a lot of checks now -- maybe he'll take me out to dinner sometime."

Brady followed up his statement with a cackle, indicating he doesn't anticipate getting a dinner invite from Roger any time soon.

Brady was also asked about tweets from Browns lineman Joe Thomas, who indicated that Goodell is overpaid.

"Joe is wrong with what I do make -- I actually make less than that," Brady noted. "But Joe's been such a great representative and such a great leader for the union, and he's certainly entitled to his own opinions. I'll leave it at that."

Thomas, you might remember, staunchly defended Brady when Goodell and the NFL were coming down hard on him with unprecedented punishment for an offense which Thomas deemed a "witch hunt."

It's more likely that Brady and Thomas might dine together before Brady ever gets a call from the commissioner. The quarterback might prefer Thomas' company, too.

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