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Tom Brady Roasts Julian Edelman With Instagram Zinger About Rehydration

BOSTON (CBS) -- Julian Edelman went out with Paul Pierce and Danny Amendola in Beverly Hills on Saturday night. Julian Edelman presumably had himself a good time, until he got himself into some trouble.

Tom Brady wants to help.

One of Edelman's dearest friends on the Patriots, Brady likely didn't enjoy seeing reports of Edelman's arrest for jumping on a car scroll across TV screens on Sunday morning. That wild night out came when Edelman was out on the town with the Celtics legend and his former Patriots teammate.

While that damage has been done, the ever-crafty Brady saw the moment as an opportunity to pitch some of his electrolytes to Edelman. In an Instagram story, Brady posted a photo of TB12 electrolytes and wrote, "@edelman11 it sounds like you need some of this."

You know, to help him get over his (presumed) hangover?

Brady posted the offering to Edelman in between pictures of his branded protein and Vitamin D tablets, along with various other TB12 products. That's just the salesman's mentality. (Patriots fans may enjoy the fact that Brady was at the TB12 location in Boston, just hours after WEEI reported that he had moved with his family to Greenwich, Connecticut.)

But it's that zinger fired at Edelman that stood out the most. Edelman hasn't posted on Instagram since the season ended. Eyes will remain peeled to see if the receiver has anything to say in response.

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