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Tom Brady Roasts Himself Yet Again For Fourth-Down Gaffe In Chicago

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- Tom Brady is closing in on his 44th birthday as the reigning Super Bowl MVP. Considering that unprecedented circumstance, the man feels comfortable enough to laugh about one of the lowest moments of last season.

That moment, you'll surely remember, came on a Thursday night game in Chicago, when Brady lost track of what down it was and thought he'd have another opportunity to move the chains and keep a potential game-winning drive alive. Alas, Brady's final incompletion came on fourth down. He didn't know that, so he raised four fingers, as if to signal that the Bucs would get another play.

It became a meme. It was a whole thing. The football world -- which rejoices and bathes in each and every Brady failure -- sure enjoyed it.

Brady would later mock himself for the miscue while congratulating LeBron James for his fourth NBA title, showing that he could have some sense of humor about it:

Now months later, Brady is on TikTok. (Good for him. How many 44-year-olds manage a functioning TikTok account?) And he's using the medium to have fun at his own expense.

Brady shared a couple of clips from the season on TikTok. First, he highlighted Scotty Miller's touchdown from just before halftime in the NFC Championship Game in Green Bay.

"We're not playing it safe. No risk it, no biscuit," a smiling Brady beamed. "Let's go!"

This, however, was no highlight reel. Because the next clip involved Brady's nationally televised mistake.

"You guys remember this one?" Brady said while looking down, embarrassed.

"Fourth quarter, last chance in Chicago. I thought it was the second-to-last chance in Chicago," Brady deadpanned. "But apparently not."

Brady, who at the time denied that he had lost track of downs, admitted in the TikTok, "I don't think I've ever been confused as I am in this moment right here."


They taught me how to use the green screen... I’m evolving. Who wants more TikTok highlights? @bucsnfl

♬ original sound - Tom Brady

Womp womp.

If Brady hadn't gone on to win his seventh Super Bowl and fifth Super Bowl MVP (that all still sounds so ridiculous), maybe he's not spending his precious time roasting himself on social media. But he did, so he did.

For someone who's made his entire career out of making the right decision in the most critical moments of big games, that moment stands out as the rare flub. And though things worked out in the end, the fact that Brady's posting about it shows that the uncharacteristic blunder stilllllllllll bugs him just a little bit.

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