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Tom Brady Posts Old Resume On Facebook, Says 'Really Thought I Was Going To Need This'

BOSTON (CBS) -- It's always humorous to think about how much time, money and energy is spent on preparation on the NFL draft, yet every single team passed multiple times on taking Tom Brady back in 2000.

Of course, it only looks preposterous in retrospect, as not one football expert was up in arms as the likes of Spurgeon Wynn, Giovanni Carmazzi and Tee Martin were selected ahead of Brady.

And as it turns out, it seems as though Brady himself wasn't quite sure that teams were making the wrong decision by electing to not draft him.

The future Hall of Famer participated in some Throwback Thursday fun, posting a picture of his resume.

"Really thought I was going to need this after the 5th round," Brady said.

The resume includes his education, as Brady did so-so with a 3.3/4.0 GPA while earning a bachelor of general studies. For someone who spends so much time perfecting his craft, you'd expect a little better out of Tom in the classroom. Come on, Tom, you're better than that.

Brady then touted his summer internship at Merrill Lynch, where he learned a great deal about managing money. Those skills probably have come in handy in the years since, as Brady has made enough money to build a swimming pool made out of gold if he were so inclined.

On the much-less-impressive side of the resume were Brady's jobs at golf courses in Ann Arbor and Jackson, Miss., where he claimed to have done some work but in all likelihood just worked on his short game.

On a surprising note, Brady listed a construction job. He's a man who's become a model and has posed for photos with goats, so it's a little difficult to see him throwing on a hard hat and clutching his lunch box every day.

In the "Additional" section of his resume, he wrote, "guided football team as starting quarterback to 1998 Big Ten Championship and postseason bowl victory."

As it turns out, that's all he really needed to write. It turns out the kid was able to carve out a career in the league.

Tom Brady's Resume
Tom Brady's resume (Photo via Tom Brady's Official Facebook Page)

Photo via

On Thursday, 98.5 The Sports Hub's Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak analyzed Brady's work experience.

Zolak questions just how much Brady actually did in his internships, and we also find out that Zo has never made a resume.

Listen below!

Zo Dissects Brady's Resume


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