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Tom Brady Invites Odell Beckham Jr. To Foxboro 'For A Test Drive'

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- No professional sports league in America generates gossip and speculation from social media like the NBA. But the NFL might be gaining ground at a furious rate.

The latest offering of eyeball-emoji commentary came from none other than Tom Brady, who posted a sweet picture of a sweet Aston Martin on his sweet Instagram page. Brady is of course a spokesperson for the luxury vehicle company, and he's also accumulated quite a bit of wealth, so such posts aren't at all out of the ordinary for him.

The amount he gets paid to post such things on his social media accounts ... it's probably a figure that you're better off just not knowing. It would hurt too much for ordinary folks to comprehend.

But apparently, even big famous football players -- and Super Bowl MVPs -- can't really fathom that kind of lifestyle, because Julian Edelman commented on the post with some legitimate jealousy.

"Still waiting for my car bro" Edelman wrote, adding an eye roll emoji and a squirrel emoji.

"Guy wins one Super Bowl MVP ... " Brady responded with a crying laughing emoji.

(Screen shot from

Deep stuff.

But Edelman wasn't the only elite NFL receiver to comment on the post. The much-ballyhooed Odell Beckham Jr. commented on the post as well, saying he would also like a free vehicle.

"Waitin for mine tooooo!!! SHEESH" Beckham wrote.

Brady was slightly more accommodating for the Giants star than he was for Edelman.

"Come to Foxboro for a test drive," Brady replied.

Odell Beckham Jr.
(Screen shot from

Cue the eyeball emojis! I repeat: CUE THE EYEBALL EMOJIS! This is not a drill.

That's not even the first time Brady and Beckham have engaged in some social media flirtation this offseason:

Couple these interactions with the report that said the Patriots went hard after Beckham last year before he ended up signing an extension with the Giants ... and then add in that reports this offseason once again state the Beckham may be on the trade block ... and then add in that Beckham is tweeting out some cryptic emoji tweets ...

... and, well, we have no other option but to conclude that Beckham will catch 89 passes for 1,400 yards and 11 touchdowns from Tom Brady next season. Those are just the facts, folks.

Or, it's just a couple of adults tapping some buttons on their phone to pass the time in March.

One or the other.


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