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Tom Brady Hangs Out With Easter Bunny In New Series Of Online Videos

BOSTON (CBS) -- It's becoming a bit of an offseason tradition for Tom Brady to star in some form of online video.

Last year, he received rave reviews for his portrayal of himself in a long advertisement for Under Armour, so this year, he's reprising his role of Tom Brady ... though in a rather different scenario.

In an ad campaign for Unreal Candy, Brady hangs out with the Easter Bunny in ad campaign called the "2013 Easter Bunny Apology Tour." Musician John Legend and fitness celebrity Jillian Michaels also appear in videos for the campaign. The basic gist is that the Easter Bunny feels bad about giving out unhealthy candy for so long, so in the Brady videos, the quarterback tries to cheer up his long-eared friend. (When you're big-time like Brady, you have friends in high places.)

Without further ado ...

Brady Tries To Cheer Up The Easter Bunny

Tom Brady gets UNREAL with the Easter Bunny - Cheering Up The Sorry Bunny by UNREAL on YouTube

Brady's Pass To The Easter Bunny Falls Incomplete

Tom Brady gets UNREAL with the Easter Bunny - Sorry Bunny Plays Catch by UNREAL on YouTube

Brady Teaches The Easter Bunny How To Celebrate A Touchdown

Tom Brady gets UNREAL with the Easter Bunny - Sorry Bunny Touchdown Dance by UNREAL on YouTube

In that last video, it is interesting that Brady instructs the bunny to pump his fist at the other team. Antonio Cromartie once rather famously expressed displeasure with Brady's celebratory antics, calling the quarterback an "[expletive] hole." Cromartie may find himself with an empty Easter basket this year.


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