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Tom Brady Fights Back At Bitcoin Plunge: 'We Just Buy The Dip!'

BOSTON (CBS) -- Last week, Tom Brady made a big social media change to reflect his investment in Bitcoin. Now that the cryptocurrency is taking a hit, he's doubling down.

Brady responded to a tweet from Barstool Sports' "PFT Commenter," who made a joke about the "deflated" value of the investments.

"SMH...I've seen better from you PFT," Brady tweeted.

Brady then added: "Over here we just buy the dip!"

Bitcoin prices have fallen significantly over the past week, and with cryptocurrency being a bit of an undefined market, people have reacted to that news differently.

For Brady, it clearly has just presented an opportunity to invest more money in Bitcoin ... and reply to DeflateGate jabs on Twitter all in one fell swoop.


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