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President Trump 'Grateful' For Loyal Friends Like Tom Brady, Kellyanne Conway Says

WASHINGTON (CBS) – As Donald Trump deals with the intense media scrutiny that comes with being commander-in-chief, he's happy to have pals like Tom Brady, one of the president's top advisors says.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox & Friends Tuesday and was asked about Trump's reaction to the blowback Brady has received over his friendship with the president.

"President Trump is just so grateful that friends like Tom Brady are loyal and can ignore the shrapnel, the verbal shrapnel," Conway said.

Conway, who's made headlines of her own this week over reports that she punched a man at an inaugural ball, also counted New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft as a loyal friend of Trump.

"I assume the same with Bob Kraft, the owner of the team, who's a good friend of the president's, who came to the inauguration, and is just a fabulous man and leader in this county," she said.

Trump thanked Kraft at a dinner for donors ahead of the inauguration, wishing him, Brady and friend/pen pal Bill Belichick good luck in the playoffs.

"We appreciate that these friendships just ignore the naysayers and the critics," Conway said.

Brady has not been as eager to talk about his relationship with the president as the White House has. He sidestepped questions about the matter last week, saying "Let's talk about football."

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