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Tom Brady Cursed Out Teammate For Crying After NFC Championship Game Victory

BOSTON (CBS) -- Making it to a Super Bowl is a big deal for most players. An enormous deal.

But not for Tom Brady.

The quarterback has gotten to play in more Super Bowls than most players get to play playoff games, so the simple act of winning a conference championship frankly isn't much to celebrate in his eyes. One of his teammates on Tampa Bay learned that the hard way last weekend in Green Bay.

As Buccaneers linebacker Lavonte David tells it, one of his teammates was shedding some tears of pure joy after the Bucs beat the Packers in Green Bay. Brady put a stop to it immediately -- and rather aggressively.

"When I realized that it was real, when I realized like all the other stuff doesn't really matter unless it's the Super Bowl, it was after we won the NFC championship," David told the All Things Covered podcast. "You know me, I'm all happy, it's my first. I'm geeked up. Then like, I guess somebody was crying. And I guess like, I heard [Brady] just like, 'What the f--- you crying for? We not done yet.'"

David had never even made the playoffs in his first eight NFL seasons, so he said he was feeling all sorts of emotions after that victory. But seeing Brady's reaction to a teammate forced him to straighten himself out very quickly.

"Damn!" David said of his reaction. "He's right, he's right. So I had a little, two tears, too. So I wiped my [bleep] real quick."

(Audio of the clip is here, but be warned of the naughty language.)

It's perhaps not the traditional method of teaching his teammates how to win, but a mindset like that might serve the Buccaneers well as they head into Sunday's Super Bowl against the Chiefs.

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