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Tom Brady Calls Out ESPN For Not Linking To His Podcast

BOSTON (CBS) -- Tom Brady is not just a seven-time Super Bowl champion, and he's not just the reigning Super Bowl MVP. The man is also a content creator.

Brady, like 187 million other Americans, has a podcast, which he records with Jim Gray. The two engage in an extended chat each week, essentially creating a super-sized version of their former Monday Night Football radio interviews.

And when Brady's content gets used by outlets to create more content, the man wants to capitalize with clicks, downloads, subscriptions, and everything else a podcast creator wants.

Brady made that clear on Wednesday, when he saw one of his quotes used in a meme from ESPN. The 44-year-old Brady sarcastically noted that ESPN could have easily included a link to the podcast when sharing the quote on social media.

"Apparently gone are the days of including the link to the show," Brady tweeted.

A link to a podcast wouldn't often be included in such a tweet, as the attribution line has generally become the norm for media outlets sharing quotes in meme form. Alas, Tom wants his clicks.

Ever the company man, ESPN's Adam Schefter helped resolve the matter by tweeting the link to Brady's podcast out to his 8.5 million Twitter followers:

Clearly, when Tom Brady asks for something ... somebody will always be there to deliver.


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