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Tom Brady Blasts 'Ignorant' NFL Players, NFLPA As NFL Franchise Values Rise

BOSTON (CBS) -- Forbes released its newest rankings of the most valuable NFL franchises on Thursday, and in the story, it was revealed that team values actually increased in 2021 despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Tom Brady is probably happy that his league is doing so well, but he isn't very pleased that the NFLPA didn't get players a bigger piece of the pie.

In fact, the salary cap for the 2021 season went down by 20 percent. And just a day after that cap was revealed, the NFL announced its big money TV deals.

Those deals will help increase the cap in future years, but not in 2021. That has Brady mighty peeved, and he took to social media on Thursday to air his grievances.

In a post to his Instagram story Thursday afternoon, the Buccaneers quarterback blasted his "ignorant" NFL brethren.

"The salary cap dropped 20% ... and the new media deals were announced the day AFTER 2021 salary cap was set... NFL players better wake up @NFLPA," the post read. "NFL players are IGNORANT."

Since leaving New England last year, Brady has been not been shy at sharing his opinion on certain matters with the league. And on Thursday, he made it clear that he's pretty miffed at everyone -- especially the NFLPA.


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