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Tom Brady says Bill Belichick texted him after Buccaneers' Super Bowl win

Mac Jones happy to be working with Bill O'Brien
Mac Jones happy to be working with Bill O'Brien 01:12

BOSTON -- A lot has been made about the relationship between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. And surely, when the greatest quarterback of all time leaves a place where he had spent two decades, that's going to be the case.

But publicly, Brady and Belichick have always spoken with the highest regard and respect toward each other, and the two also had a long conversation after Brady's Buccaneers defeated Belichick's Patriots during the 2021 season.

This week, Brady revealed that after he won the Super Bowl with the Bucs in the 2020 season, Belichick was one of the first people to send him a personal note of congratulations.

"[Belichick] was one of the first people to text me after we won the Super Bowl in Tampa," Brady told ESPN.

Brady, who was on something of a mini-media tour via video conference this week, spoke more about his relationship with his former coach of 20 years.

"He very much trusted what I was out there doing in the field, and it went both ways. Ultimately our success was because so many people in the organization, as coach Belichick always said, 'do your job,' and I did as quarterback and leader," Brady said. "Were there times where you know it wasn't always eye to eye? Very few and far between, actually. I still envision our relationship as positive and always will."

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