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Tom Brady Fan Turns Arm Autograph Signature Into Tattoo

BOSTON (CBS) - A New England Patriots fan who got Tom Brady's autograph on her arm at training camp has turned his signature into a tattoo.

Megan Uhrynowski, 19, of Connecticut, went to the practice at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro Monday night and was able to get Brady's autograph as he approached a group of fans.

tom brady autograph tattoo
Tom Brady signs Megan Uhrynowski's arm. (Image credit: Megan Uhrynowski)

"It was just an unbelievable experience I will never forget," she told WBZ-TV. "He comes up to me and I'm like, 'Tom, like, I literally will get this tattooed on my arm, if you sign my arm. And he just actually looked me right in the eyes and smirked and was like 'Oh my God' and just signed it."

Uhrynowski went to a tattoo shop the next day.

tom brady autograph tattoo
Tom Brady's autograph is at the top and the tattoo is at the bottom. (Image credit: Megan Uhrynowski)

"It took an hour actually and it hurt, it hurt pretty bad. It was right on my veins and I was like, you know what, it's going to be over in an hour, it will be worth it in the end," she said.

"My sister was like, 'That is the coolest thing ever.' And my dad was very hesitant too, he's like 'It's going to be forever' and I'm like 'I know, but Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T. so it's going to be forever."

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