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Report: Tom Brady to advise Mark Davis on Raiders' next head coach, GM

Alex Austin explains the "surreal" feeling of joining Patriots, and his lifelong connection to the f
Alex Austin explains the "surreal" feeling of joining Patriots, and his lifelong connection to the f 01:35

BOSTON -- Tom Brady's ownership stake in the Las Vegas Raiders has hit a snag or two, and it's unclear if the retired quarterback will be able to become a minority owner of the team.

That's not stopping Mark Davis from treating Brady like a trusted member of the Raiders franchise, though.

According to CBS Sports' Jonathan Jones, Davis will look to Brady for advice when hiring the next head coach and general manager of the franchise, after Davis fired Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler earlier this week.

On "The NFL Today," Jones said:

What's next in Vegas? Sources tell me Mark Davis is expected to rely on team executives and would-be partial owner Tom Brady for advice on who to lead the team. After a package deal last time, Davis will likely hire a GM first, and then a player-centric head coach after the season.

It's interesting on two levels. For one, as noted, Brady's bid to become a partial owner of the team has stalled, due to Davis reportedly trying to sell the minority stake to Brady at an extreme discount. Owners can vote on it again at the league meetings in December, but it's not known if Davis will change the terms of the deal or if Brady can even afford to pay the proper price for the percentage of the team he was due to buy.

Secondly, if Davis does consider Brady to be a trusted advisor, then one has to wonder if Brady was consulted before the firing of McDaniels. Brady worked hand-in-hand with McDaniels for 14 years in New England, winning Super Bowls and setting records with the Patriots. 

(As a separate but related matter, Davis also apparently relies on Jim Gray for advice, which is ... certainly one way to run an NFL organization.)

Given the longstanding personal and professional relationship, it may be reasonable to assume that Davis abstained from asking Brady to weigh in on McDaniels' fate in Las Vegas. Then again, assuming anything regarding Mark Davis and the way he runs that franchise is generally an ill-advised undertaking.

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