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Tom Brady Absolutely Roasts Peyton Manning On Twitter Regarding QB's Golf Game

BOSTON (CBS) -- Tom Brady and Peyton Manning sure do love to roast each other. And if you're keeping a running tally at home, you'll have to add another mark for Brady.

The quarterback was referenced by a tweet on Friday, a tweet that included a video of Peyton Manning making a dazzling golf shot in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

The tweet was a simple one, joking that even though it was a good shot by Manning, it would have found the bottom of the cup if Brady had taken the shot.

However, Tom Brady disagreed with this. Or ... he pretended to disagree with it, just so he could sneak in a shot to his former on-field rival.

Oh, boy. That one's a direct shot.

Of course, as these things tend to be between the two all-time greats, it was sent in good fun.

Most recently, Brady didn't accept Manning's statement that the Colts didn't pump in crowd noise to the RCA Dome, and Brady also managed to work in a slight jab at Manning's age -- on Manning's own show, no less. A couple of years prior, Brady partook in an ESPYs skit where Manning lived in a retirement home and had to deal with a fellow resident who loved Brady. A year prior to that, Manning thew a DeflateGate dig at Brady during the Comedy Central roast of Rob Lowe.

Brady's most recent Twitter shot did have some real zing to it, though, as we learned during the DeflateGate saga that Brady in 2014 stated privately that he intended on outlasting Manning for many years on the football field. Manning retired before his own 40th birthday, while Brady won the Super Bowl at age 41 and is fully intent on playing at age 43 -- and beyond.

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