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Cohasset Dad Raising Money For Charities By Selling Toilet Paper, Instead Of Snacks

COHASSET (CBS) - A stay-at-home dad in Cohasset wants to change the way we raise money for local charities. Instead of selling popcorn or candy, John Starvish is selling toilet paper.

Starvish started Buy Civil, a direct-to-consumer company that sells toilet paper, and eventually more household items, and shares the profits in the town they are bought. Unlike popcorn or cookies, this product is something we all need every day.

"You see these small organizations are struggling on the fundraising side so I thought if I could connect a product the gets used every day with a cause that you see every day, that synergy, that sort of awareness, would take, and so that's sort of the experiment," he told WBZ-TV.

"You buy it from us, a box. That box gets shipped to you and whatever community that box gets shipped to, 50-percent of those profits go to a handful of small organizations doing great things in your town."

Buy Civil is up and running in many towns on the South Shore and they are looking for more non-profits to help in all communities.

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