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TikTok-Inspired 'Slap A Teacher' Challenge Assault Reported At Braintree's East Middle School

BRAINTREE (CBS) – A Braintree student is facing potentially significant punishment for allegedly assaulting a teacher. The school district says the incident was inspired by a "slap a teacher" challenge on popular social media app TikTok.

It happened Wednesday at East Middle School in Braintree. Police said they are aware of the incident, but did not comment further.

In a letter to parents, Braintree school officials said recent TikTok challenges have led students to participate in vandalism and other destructive acts in schools around the country.

"However, the most recent TikTok challenge involves 'slap a teacher,' and we had our first case in the district today," the district told parents. "Please be aware that physically assaulting any staff member in the Braintree schools will immediately result in notification of the Braintree Police Department and significant school-based discipline, up to and including expulsion."

Potential legal charges range from assault to indecent assault and battery, school officials said.

Parents are asked to talk to their children about potential consequences.

"Although social media offers the potential of a more inter-connected world, the frequent appeal to abhorrent behaviors and debased language across these various platforms are a minefield for students," the school district wrote to families. "When they fail to navigate the situation appropriately, students often face severe consequences, both social and legal."

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