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Three-Alarm Fire Damages Two Homes In Chelsea

CHELSEA (CBS) - A three-alarm fire damaged two multi-family homes on Crescent Avenue Saturday night, officials say.

About 8 p.m., firefighters were called to the homes where occupants were trapped inside, officials told WBZ-TV's Julie Loncich.

All 13 occupants made it out unharmed, the fire chief told WBZ.

Officials say the fire broke out on the second floor of 375 Crescent Ave. and quickly spread to the adjacent home.

Acting fire chief Robert Houghton said, "We didn't even know if we could get in there. It was burning pretty bad."

He added, "High, intense flames heat…the radiated heat. It's like sticking another match to it."

Witnesses say they could see the fire from Revere. Antonio Cali said he saw the flames and the fire.

Bonnie Ball told WBZ that she and her sister were driving through the area before firefighters arrived. She decided to pull over and help people get out of the second home.

"I looked to the side and I saw nothing but the flames just pouring out," she said.

"I jumped out before my sister even stopped and then my sister ran over. My sister grabbed the dog, (and put) the dog in the car."
Ball, a past fire victim, said, "When I see something like that, I have no choice but to help
Firefighters tackle a fire Saturday night in Chelsea. (WBZ-TV)

There were some partial roof collapses and water issues, officials say.

One of the homes appeared to have significant damage to the upper level, while the second had less damage to the roof area.

The cause of the blaze is currently unknown.



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