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'This Is Outrageous': Frontier Airlines Turns Away Booked Passengers At Logan Airport

BOSTON (CBS) -- All looked serene at the Frontier Airlines counter for part of the day. But Frank Ortiz and his family says for a part of the day, it was a scene of wall-to-wall people and much frustration.

"Understaffed. They had two people there. All type sof people in line. Super long line," said Frank Ortiz, a Frontier passenger.

Salem resident Olga Rivera was trying to get her family to Orlando for her grandmother's funeral. She says the Airlines didn't have enough staff to handle everybody.

"This is outrageous," said Rivera. "The line for the counter, all of this was full."

Rivera and her kids couldn't get on the flight and missed the funeral.

Wednesday, and for several days before, the troubles were at Spirit Airlines. Bad weather and a computer problem created a nightmare, as many flights were canceled.

In recent years, flying has become a bit of an ordeal. The pandemic didn't help, and now that people are traveling again, they're acting entitled.

We're seeing it more and more: unruly passengers. One person had to be restrained in his seat by flight attendants recently.

Mattapan resident Lyndy Thompson was one of those Frontier passengers Thursday who didn't make her flight. She too says the airline was severely short-staffed.

"It's the airline," said Thompson. "It's the airline, and it's the pandemic. It's unemployment."

Frontier Airlines told WBZ-TV Thursday that there were "no particular issues happening this morning, according to our leaders on site."

But passengers are telling another tale of woe from where they sit.

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