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'They deserve it': Celtics superfan excited for more NBA Finals memories

'They deserve it': Lifelong Celtics fan excited for NBA Finals
'They deserve it': Lifelong Celtics fan excited for NBA Finals 01:56

BOSTON - Joanne Borzakian Ouellette has a wall filled with memories most Celtics fans could only dream of. 

"The Celtics gave us the best memories as a young girl and continue to give us the best memories to this day," she said. 

Some as a result of her career in sports marketing. Others, through the countless games she's attended at the Garden, where her family has held season tickets since 1974.

"We were there every game. Good, bad, we never sold our tickets. Good games, bad games, snowstorms, Easter Sunday. We'd go right from church and right to the game so we were always there," said Borzakian Ouellette.

Even during life's biggest moments, including the 2002 Playoffs just days after the birth of her third child, where the WBZ-TV camera caught up with her courtside. 

She told us at the time during NBA Eastern Conference First Round Game 5 between the Celtics and the 76ers, "got out of the hospital Wednesday and the doctors said do you have any questions for me, and I said can I please go to the game Friday if they lose tonight, and he said we'll talk about it. They lost, I called him, and he said just be careful."

That baby is now 20-years-old and of course, a Celtics fan herself. 

"It was so awesome. I mean there's no place I would rather be, of course I would be there. And so the tradition has continued with my children. They've been coming every year since they were young," said Borzakian Ouellette.

When asked what makes this year's Celtics team special, she replied, "Celtics pride. They really care, they care about us, they care about our city, they care about what it means to wear the Celtics uniform. So, for them I hope they win this championship, they deserve it. Every single one of them."

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