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Thermal Camera System Helps Keep Apartment Residents Safe During Coronavirus Pandemic

STONEHAM (CBS) - A Stoneham apartment complex is using a state-of-the-art screening process to help keep its residents safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Stonehill Towers is one facility now using Thermal Solution to scan workers at the 200-unit building for any signs of a fever.

The thermal camera system can be setup to monitor a specific area, in this case a section of the building where they want to restart a renovation project.

"If anything is over the threshold you set - for example we set it at 100 degrees - anybody over 100 degrees it will set off an alarm," Steve Hammes of New Hampshire-based One Source Security explained.

Hammes said Thermal Solution is also being used in hospitals and factories, and could potentially be used in some schools as they work to reopen in the fall.

"With a lot of different systems each person has to stop for a couple seconds and take off their hat or take off their glasses," Hammes said. "With this system it can monitor many people at the same time. They can file through and you don't have to stop."

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