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The Patriots Are Involved In Another Julio Jones Rumor

BOSTON (CBS) -- Julio Jones trade rumors have been buzzing for quite some time. But it's mid-may -- borderline late May -- and he's still on the Falcons.

Nevertheless, the rumblings persist.

The latest Jones trade discussion comes from Jeff Schultz of The Athletic. In a story posted Thursday morning, Schultz explained why the Falcons would still like to trade their All-Pro receiver.

Of particular interest in New England, the Patriots were mentioned as a potential partner in a deal.

"Among the teams that could fall into these categories: Ravens, 49ers, Patriots, Colts and Chargers," Schultz speculated. "One league source said the Titans also may show interest, but they also are close to the cap ceiling."

The categories he mentioned involved teams with cap space who believe they can contend in 2021 or young teams who believe Jones can help them make the "next step."

As for cost, Schultz said a first-round pick is unlikely needed to wrest Jones away from Atlanta, and that teams may ask the Falcons to "eat a portion of Jones' contract."

The Patriots were mentioned in Jones trade rumors about a month ago, but clearly nothing has yet materialized. And it seems like until or if Jones is traded before training camp, the Patriots' name will be bandied about as a potential suitor.

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