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Teaching your teenager to drive can be challenging.


Putting another teen driver on the road, safely, can be a major challenge for parents. Researchers at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia surveyed some 5,500 teenagers about driving and like so many other issues involving parenting, the key to safety for young drivers is parental involvement.

Doctor Flaura Koplin Winston at Children's Hospital of Philidelphia says one of the most interesting aspects of the survey is more teen access to a car leads to more accidents.

The survey shows teens that have their own car, or feel they have free use of one, get into more trouble on the road...

Winston says the lower crash rate doesn't reflect less driving time, but more likely shows that having to ask for the keys helps monitor their kids' driving. Winston says parents need to set definitive safe driving rules.

You can find the study results in the journal "Pediatrics."

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