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Quincy Police Visit Brings Joy To 3-Year-Old With Cancer, In Isolation After Chemotherapy

WEYMOUTH (CBS) - Anytime of the day on Green Street in Weymouth a special toddler is holding court.

On Wednesday night, Quinn Waters had the attention of a news crew. But, the three year old must stay isolated from anything that could make him sick.

Quinn had surgery to remove a brain tumor. He then underwent chemotherapy and had a stem cell transplant. His body's immune system has to rebuild itself, which means the window is literally his window to the world.

So, when he came home from the hospital two-and-half weeks ago relatives started stopping by his front window.

"Stuff like that gets him through the day because he's literally stuck in the house, for a three old it's tough," his dad Jarlath Waters said.

His mom, Tara, is a Quincy Police officer. And, no surprise -- the uniform visits began over the weekend.

"Pretty much made his whole day. He didn't stop talking about all week," said Jarlath.

The officers turned on their sirens as they drove away. Quinn waved and called out "be safe!"

"Quinn thought this was just amazing," a post on "The Mighty Quinn" Facebook page said. "A few minutes, a loud motor and some police sirens can make a 3 year old's day."

After Tara posted it on the department's Facebook page, visitor requests poured in.

"We've gotten offers people coming by dressed as superheroes, a drama club wants to come by and do a performance on the lawn," said Tara Waters.

Sometimes it's a couple of folks at the window other times it's a dozen.

Quinn Waters
Quinn Waters (WBZ-TV)

We happen to stop by during dinner time, but his parents says he always eating which is a really good sign.

"He's doing so well. I think the boost of positivity keeps him going," said Tara.

Quinn's immune system should be strong enough by the end of August that he will have more freedom. But it will be a doctor's appointment in October that will determine if he's actually conquered cancer.

"He gets all excited. His spirits are up. Ours are up," said Jarlath.

Back in April, Quincy Police officers shaved their heads to show Quinn he's not alone, and raised more than $20,000 to support childhood cancer research.

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