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The Golf Club: May 24, 2014

BOSTON (CBS) - Hardy gives his hidden golf gems of Las Vegas and sat down with the program director of the Golf Fights Cancer charity, FitGolf owner Dave DuPriest and our buddy Steve Show of Golfsmith in Watertown on the latest episode of The Golf Club.

Hardy (whose real name is Rob Poole in case you were wondering) began the show discussing Sin City, a place where he once called home and now visits frequently.

Hardy has educated us all on the golf destinations of Hilton Head and Barbados in weeks prior, and now he's here to tell us about golfing in Las Vegas.

Believe it or not there is life outside of the Strip -- it's not all just hotels and casinos and drive-thru weddings.

There are a handful of courses located right on the main drag, like Bali Hai and Wynn, with the latter of the two charging $500 greens fees. Not exactly affordable.

Hardy's got the local connection and knows many hidden gems that the average tourist doesn't know about -- Paiute being one of them. If Hardy's friends in Vegas knew he was telling you about this locale he'd be in big trouble.

"Paiute is located northwest of the Strip. Door-to-door from Caesars Palace to Paiute is about 25 minutes because you can drive a little bit faster out here than you're accustomed to. It's located on a Native American reservation and it's out in the middle of nowhere."

Hardy added that it's like a virtual oasis with not one, not two but three 18-hole championship courses.

"There's nothing else out there but a gas station, a smoke shop and this big, beautiful golf destination," said Hardy.

Listen below for Hardy's full list of Vegas' best kept secrets:

Golf Las Vegas

Program director Cheryl McGuire of the Golf Fights Cancer charity was next up on Saturday's episode of The Golf Club.

Golf Fights Cancer has a big event coming up on Friday, June 6 at Stow Acres where participants play 100 holes of golf in one day for the 6th Annual Golf Marathon Challenge.

A group of twenty or thirty golfers, which is way less populated than a normal golf shotgun, fundraises a minimum of $2500 each and they have the whole course to themselves.

Throughout the course of the day the players have to put the ball in the bottom of the cup 100 times. Not your traditional golf outing, but there are a few similarities to traditional tournaments, like the longest drive and closest-to-the-pin contests.

Golf Fights Cancer gives a whopping 92% of their proceeds directly to the causes they're working towards. McGuire says as of this moment they've raised over $40,000 and expect to raise $100,000.

You can learn about the event and donate at

Listen below to learn more about the charity:

Cheryl McGuire of Golf Fights Cancer

Dave DuPriest, owner of FitGolf on the North Shore, also joined Hardy on the latest edition of The Golf Club.

Golf is a physically demanding sport on the body, and DuPriest's job as a golf fitness professional aims to help people with the common injuries associated with the sport.

His main piece of advice? STRETCH!

Stretching, core strength and stability are all keys to avoiding golf-related injuries. For the strength training portion of his workout regimens, he doesn't like to push his athletes too hard. Rather, it's a gradual build up of exercises.

"I can't tell you how many guys come in that consider themselves out of shape, and in a year's time they're going, 'I can't believe how much golf I played this year and I wasn't hurt at all.' What more can I say?" said DuPriest.

"That's all the proof you need right there," said Hardy.

For the avid golfer, it's certainly something to look into.

Listen below to hear DuPriest talk more about his performance center and how it can improve your game:

Dave DuPriest Of FitGolf

Once again Steve Show, owner of Golfsmith in Watertown, joined Hardy on The Golf Club. Only this time it wasn't to talk about the Cobra BiO Cell irons -- this Saturday it was all about the new line of Puma golf gear.

The conversation started with the footwear.

Hardy likes a nice, stable golf shoe and he thinks most other golfers feel the same way. In the case of the Puma golf shoe, it's lightweight and flexible, but you also don't have to sacrifice that stability.

"You get the best of both worlds in a product like this. It's got a SmartQuill design that really makes you feel grounded when you're setting up and it's also got replaceable spikes. There's also a mesh version too, which is a little more sporty," said Show.

Hardy's also a big fan of the slacks Puma has to offer, listen below to hear Show's review of the apparel:

Steve Show Of Golfsmith



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