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The Golf Club: FlingGolf Founder Alex Van Alen Talks Innovative New Crossover Sport

BOSTON (CBS) -- The Golf Club with Hardy is back with another week of special guests, one of which is something of a modern golf innovator.

What do you get when you cross golf and lacrosse? The easy answer is FlingGolf, but the real answer comes from the sport's founder, Alex Van Alen. Hardy and Alex discuss the invention of this crossover sport, along with the rules, benefits, and places where FlingGolf is embraced and being played in New England.

Also: time Sports Hub Golf Club contributor Paul Gozbekian mostly tells Hardy he needs to work harder in the gym, but this time around he says rest is just as important. The Equinox trainer and Titleist Performance Institute member gives us the lowdown on how sleep and recovery are vital to a solid performance on the course, and shares his tips on how to get the better just by taking it easy.

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