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The Golf Club: August 16, 2014

BOSTON (CBS) - On the latest edition of The Golf Club, Hardy sat down with a representative from Ping to get the latest on some of their new products, but first he spoke with the course superintendent at Hillside Country Club in Rehoboth.

Henry Olystnski has seen firsthand the ups and downs of golf course management. When he arrived at Hillside just under a year ago, it was dilapidated and run down due to instability at the ownership level for about a decade.

But that was then and this is now.

Hillside is ushering in a new era, and just last year substantial renovations have made way for a rebirth at the Rehoboth club, starting with the greens.

"When we got here last year basically every green had some problem, and some of them major. Our first step was to work solely on the greens to get them back," said Olystnski. "The greens have come a long way."

Olystnski adds that the renovations are still in its infancy, and when the autumn arrives and the season is over, he and his crew will start to tackle the fairways and other areas of need.

Aside from the greens, a brand new outdoor bar was built last season and it's something that really stood out to Hardy upon arrival.

Listen below for the full interview!

Hillside Country Club

Hardy also sat down with Ping sales rep Leanne Wilkes.

If you're a regular listen of 98.5 The Sports Hub's Gresh & Zo show, you know that Hardy is a Michigan native that attended Michigan State. Wilkes is a Michigan alum, so the interview was about as awkward as you'd expect at first for two rival fans.

After their college allegiances were hashed out, the two got down to business to discuss some new toys from Ping hot on the shelves.

Listen below for the product reviews!



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