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The Golf Club: April 11, 2015

BOSTON (CBS) - The Golf Club is your source for lessons, equipment and courses! Join us every Saturday morning at 6am with Rob "Hardy" Poole!

The first Golf Club show of the 2015 season kicked off on Saturday, with Rob "Hardy" Poole sitting down with Paul Griffith and Troy Perry.

But the first guest was Equinox personal trainer and friend of the show Paul Gozbekian, who's also certified by the Titleist Performance Institute and the man responsible for fixing Hardy's lingering back problems.

Given the winter we just had, people in this region have not been able to get out for their customary early March, even early April rounds in most cases. So for a lot of us, we'll shaking off the cobwebs for the first time back on the course, in a sport like golf that presents a whole different set of challenges and movements.

"It's like hitting the reset button. A lot of us here in Boston didn't really want to get outside. Forget golf -- people didn't want to get outside their front door!" said the fitness pro. "So you've got to hit the reset button. But before we do, we've got to know what we're starting with."

Listen below for some tips on getting back into the swing of things:

Later in the program, Hardy was joined by Paul Griffith.

Griffith is with the enterprise known as The Tour Of Greater Boston, but it's not so much an enterprise as it is its own special golf club. The Tour is MGA affiliated, traveling golf club that gives people the chance to play the best courses -- both public and private -- in New England.

"We're a golf club without real estate. I think the advantage we have is we give people the opportunity to play competitive golf on a number of great courses. We try and get as many of the good private courses as we can during the year," Griffith told Hardy.

"We run 55 events -- one during the week and one on the weekend -- from April through October. We're really all about fun and competition. We are a golf club, we run as a golf club, but we're also about a group of people."

Listen below to hear more!

Another guest on Saturday was Troy Pare, who joined the program to talk about The Benrus Open at The Preserve golf course in Wyoming, RI.

The Benrus Open is a sanctioned PGA tournament event that features $20 million in cash and prizes. This year's tournament takes place on June 18.

"We said, 'Let's open it for everybody.' It's open to men, to women, to the junior players that are out there, to amateurs and professionals with absolutely no handicap restrictions. If you're one of the probably several hundred thousand golfers in the New England region, and you don't even have a handicap, this is your first opportunity to play in a real tournament and actually win some money."

Listen below for more information!


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