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The Dave Maynard Spin

     Just in case you don't have enough reading material for the long holiday weekend, or you're just stocking up books for the fall season, go find a copy of "The Dave Maynard Spin"    It's a brand new book, by the late Dave Maynard as told to Suzan Franks.    Rosstrum Publishing brought the book to the market place a few weeks ago and I've gotta tell you.....I loved it.

     Having known Dave Maynard for close to a half century, I'm proud to have called him a teacher, a mentor, a cohort and a friend.  "His expertise had no bounds", so eloquently stated on the back cover of the book.  One minute he was a total "goof" and the next minute he was charismatic and brilliant, but at no time was there any doubt.......HE was Dave Maynard and everyone should know that.  I recall once have a casual conversation with Dave and some of his admirers and he was charming these people right out of their shoes.....all the patience in the world.   One of the gathering, probably just trying to be polite, turned to me and asked a which time Dave spun around saying....."Oh, you're not talking about me anymore....I'm bored......I'll see you later."   He walked away.

     If you knew Dave Maynard the radio legend, or you've never heard of him (God forbid) and just want another book to read, you will love "The Dave Maynard Spin."      It's jam-packed with stories of his life, his travels, his elbow-rubbing with some of the biggest names ever in entertainment and to miss reading it, would be missing the legacy that everyone can enjoy.

     I find it interesting, I thought that highly rated longest running radio show on WBZ radio in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's was "GARY LAPIERRE" and his friends Dave, Gil, Joe, Don, Eliot and whomever.....but now I read it was Maynard in the Morning.   He was the mainstay of WBZ radio for close to 50-years and I'm proud to have been a part.

     It's The Dave Maynard Spin"......check it out.....and Davie...R.I.P.

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