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The DA Show: Another Jermaine O'Neal Rant!

BOSTON (CBS) - Jermaine O'Neal has a few less-than-flattering things to say about his time in Boston, complaining the Celtics did not use him correctly in their offense.

"I had a fantastic time in Boston, an unbelievable sports town, fans and organization. But it wasn't necessarily the best fit basketball wise," O'Neal told "Your comfort level is everything. Sometimes when you're asked not to worry about some of the stronger parts of your game, which is scoring, and only [focus on] defense, that's difficult to do."

"I'm not stupid, I don't think I can go for 20 every night anymore, but I do believe I can go for 20 on any given night. It's just about finding a position whether it's coming off the bench or starting, whether its 15 minutes or 30 minutes, whatever the coaches ask you to do it's just about having the opportunity to be yourself. I just want to get to the level that I know I'm physically right.

So Damon Amendolara had a few things to say to "Gentle Jermaine" Wednesday night...

"He played in 49 games in two seasons, he played in a quarter of the games he was paid for!" said DA. "What type of offensive role do you want? He sat an entire month with a back injury, and when he was cleared to come back he sat out with a runny nose!"

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"What do you want to be a part of the offense? You're not Garnett, you're not Pierce, you're not Rondo. And you don't ever play, what do you want in the offense you clown?!?" continued DA. "Gentle Jermaine STOLE MONEY."

"Go enjoy the Turkish league where you get 20 shots a game for a last place team," joked DA. "Gimme a call and let me know how the jump shot is working... what a clown."

And that was just the tip of the iceberg... Enjoy as DA laces into JO, again!

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