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The Adam Jones Show Recreates John Sterling & Suzyn Waldman In Jeter's Final Home Game

BOSTON (CBS) - In case you haven't heard, Derek Jeter played his final home game at Yankee Stadium Thursday night.

As you know, Jeter is beyond reproach. He's a model citizen, he's never been ejected from a game, and is one miracle away from sainthood.

98.5 The Sports Hub's Adam Jones and Rich Keefe were curious how the New York crowd would receive Jeter this one last time in the Bronx, and how over the top the media fawning would be, particularly radio announcers John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman of our sister station WFAN.

Well since regulations stipulate you're not allowed to play audio from the broadcast until the game is over, Jones and Keefe decided once again to formulate their interpretation of how Sterling and Waldman would react.

Jones busted out the baritones for his spot-on Sterling voice, and Waldman, played by Keefe, was so overcome by emotion that she took her own life. Jones and Keefe also take you "behind-the-scenes" of what the broadcast prep would have sounded like.

Listen below!

Adam Jones & Rich Keefe Impersonate Sterling & Waldman



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